Green Carpet Cleaning Surrey

Here at Carpet Care Plus we promote the use of ECO-friendly carpet cleaning solutions and are proud to be one of the leading companies offering green carpet,rug and upholstery cleaning in Surrey.

In the past, high ph chemicals were blasted into your carpets and then extracted using more chemicals to neutralize the first ones. This practice is still employed by some cleaners.

We prefer to use a healthier option. Our latest generation of micro-splitting solutions are kind to and carpets and more importantly, safe for family and pets.

    These highly effective solutions are:

  1. Detergent free
  2. Enzyme free
  3. Fragrance free
  4. Fully biodegradable
  5. Non-caustic and non-fuming
  6. Non-toxic

Another benefit to using our green cleaning service is no soapy residue is left in your carpets. These solutions are free rinsing, so rapid re-soiling is a thing of the past. The use of these eco-friendly solutions are also highly beneficial for asthma sufferers as they are completely odorless and contain no fragranced detergents.

We clean thousands of square meters of wool carpets every year and the use of micro-splitters will leave your expensive wool carpets beautifully clean and easier to vacuum. It is not necessary to use harsh chemicals on natural fibres such as wool or silk, now there is a greener, more effective way.

We have been specializing in green carpet cleaning in Surrey for more than 5 years and have repeat clients who regularly request this service.

Healthier cleaning solutions mean a healthier home and cleaner, longer lasting carpets.

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