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Carpet Care ~ Looking after your carpets

Carpet Care Advice

Carpets can be beautiful, luxurious, warm, comfortable, colourful, expensive or cheap.

However, one of their main benefits is that they act as a filter for all the dirt, grit, bacteria, skin cells, dust mites and dry soils that are in the air in our home or are walked in from outdoors.

With this in mind, carpet care is vital for the longevity of your carpet and for maintaining it’s appearance.

Daily or weekly carpet care should be more than just a once-over with your vacuum cleaner. Ideally you should be using a vacuum cleaner which has HEPA filters and make sure that these are changed on a regular basis. You should spend longer vacuuming the traffic lane areas or they will show wear prematurely.

Spots should be blotted with a damp non colour fast  cloth otherwise they can leave a sticky residue and attract airborne soils. Spills should be blotted up using kitchen towel – always blot from the outside inwards and never rub the stain, it will spread and you risk damaging the pile.

Regular carpet care will keep your carpets in good condition, however, having your carpets professionally cleaned every year will flush out all the impurities that lay deep in the pile, which simply can’t be reached by the average domestic vacuum cleaner.

Carpets get dirty from the bottom up, so if your carpet looks soiled on the surface then it is probably dirty at the base of the pile.

Carpets are still considered to be a major purchase, so it makes sense to carry out regular carpet care and to employ the services of professional carpet cleaners to extend the life of your carpet.

With 30 years experience in the carpet industry, Carpet Care Plus can keep your carpets in tip top condition.

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