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Carpet Mites

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Carpet Mites, or dust mites, are microscopic insects that live on the dead skin that’s shed by humans and their pets on a daily basis.

Carpet mites are harmless in so much as they don’t bite or sting. However, the faeces that they produce can trigger asthmatic attacks. These faeces sit in your carpets and are disturbed every time a person opens a door, sending millions of them into the air, where they stay for hours on end, guess what? You are breathing them in!

Dust mites love warm, moist areas such as beds and lounge areas. Your mattress can contain millions of these mites! One square yard of carpet can contain hundreds of thousands of them.

In recent years, it has been argued that carpets should be replaced with hard flooring, however, it is much more difficult to keep a hard floor “dust free” – carpets on the other hand, act like a filter, trapping all the dust particles, ready to be vacuumed up.

It’s a never ending job keeping carpet mites under control, but the good news is that carpet cleaning, and in particular hot water extraction, will leave your carpets free from dirt, bacteria, allergens and most importantly, mites and their faeces.

  1. The eco-friendly solutions that we use break down all the nasties in your carpets and suspend them ready for extraction through our powerful machines.

Once your carpets have been professionally cleaned then it is over to you. Regular vacuuming with a good quality machine will keep the carpet mite problem in check – but make sure your filters are clean and regularly replaced – and don’t forget to vacuum your sofas and mattresses, dust mites love these items of furniture almost as much as carpets, as they contain a never ending source of food – dead skin!

So don’t wait until your carpets look dirty to have them cleaned, think about all those millions of carpet mites and their droppings you are breathing in.

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