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Flooring Protection

Flooring Protection Tips

At Carpet Care Plus, we offer a range of flooring protection products.

For carpets we recommend Scotchgard protector. It is applied as an odourless spray and provides an invisible barrier against most spots and spills, it can also reduce the re-soiling process. The main advantage of the product is that liquids will bead up on the surface of the pile, allowing you time to fetch either kitchen towel or a cloth and absorb the spill before it penetrates into the pile of the carpet. The ideal time to apply the protector is when the carpet is new or when it has just been cleaned.

Topical coating sealers are applied to porous, textured materials, such as quarry tiles, sandstone or terracotta tiles and are available in high, mid or low sheens. Regular applications of this type of product is necessary particularly in the traffic lane areas.

For natural stone floors, we apply impregnating sealers for optimum flooring protection. These sealers do not alter the appearance of the stone but do offer long lasting stain protection. Ideally an impregnator should be applied immediately after installation as natural stone will stain easily, especially in the kitchen.

Vinyl flooring, in sheet or tile form, will benefit greatly from an application of sealer. Although technically they are supplied from the manufacturers as a finished product, it is sensible to protect the surface, particularly in the heavy wear areas. Depending on the type of vinyl, several thin layers of sealer may be required. Periodically, these sealers will need to be stripped off and then re-applied.

Whatever your type of floorcovering, Carpet Care Plus can offer you the correct flooring protection to prolong the life of your beautiful carpets and floors.

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