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Carpet Cleaning in Esher

Carpet cleaning in Esher

Carpet Care Plus are your local carpet experts, offering rug care and carpet cleaning in Esher. We have many years of knowledge and experience, combined with top of the range equipment to provide outstanding cleaning results.

We have hundreds of satisfied clients in the area, including Esher Cricket Club and Esher Tennis Club. Carpet cleaning in Esher has never been so easy, simply contact Carpet Care Plus and let us take the strain away.

As more and more homeowners opt for hard floors in their hallways, dining rooms and conservatories, we see an increase in area rugs and these rugs need regular professional cleaning, just like normal carpeting. However, unlike normal carpets, rugs need more care and a better understanding of their construction before handing them over to just anyone to be cleaned.

At Carpet Care Plus we take the time to carry out simple tests to determine whether a rug can be cleaned in your home, or if the rug needs to be washed off site.

For a deep clean, we would take the rug away, vacuum it front and back to remove all the loose soils, then soak it and shampoo it in a rug wash pit. This allows us to deal with any loose dyes that the rug may have, as we are able to flood the rug in a controlled environment. As you can imagine we couldn

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