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Carpet Cleaning in Reigate

Carpet cleaning in Reigate

Carpet Care Plus is your local company offering carpet cleaning in Reigate. We have 30 years’ experience in the carpet industry, this combined with top of the range equipment and excellent customer service makes us the preferred choice for professional carpet care.

We guarantee that you will be delighted with our carpet cleaning service as we strive to achieve the best results possible. We have many satisfied clients throughout Reigate, Buckland and Merstham.

Your carpets should be regularly cleaned. Normal vacuuming is fine for routine maintenance but hot water extraction will flush out all the contaminants that lie deep in the pile, these include dead skin and hair, dust mites and pollen grains. In fact, some carpet wear guarantees are null and void if you don’t have your carpets professionally cleaned. For a professional carpet cleaning in Reigate service, it has to be Carpet Care Plus, no other suppliers come close.

Shaw Industries, the largest carpet manufacturer in the world, recommend that you have your carpets cleaned once a year.

Imagine the wear and tear that the carpets receive in an average family home. Mud walked in from the garden, drink spills, pet accidents, food dropped, make up ….. the list goes on and on. You may clear up the worst of these as they happen but usually the damage has been done. Sticky residues are left in the carpets which then attract dirt and airborne soils.

This is when you need our service. We will apply a micro-splitting cleaning solution to break down the dirt and soils. Then using a contra-rotating brush machine we agitate the cleaning solution into pile, this also lifts the pile in the heavy wear areas. Then everything is rinsed and sucked out through our incredibly powerful (and expensive!) extraction machine. Your carpets will be left beautifully clean and smelling fresh.

In addition, we also clean upholstery, leather furniture, rugs and hard floors. So call the experts, Carpet Care Plus for all your carpet cleaning in Reigate requirements.

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