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Carpet Cleaning in Tadworth

Carpet cleaning in Tadworth

Based in Walton on the Hill, Carpet Care Plus are your local experts for stain removal services and carpet cleaning in Tadworth. We offer an unrivalled service, backed up by 30 years of knowledge and experience in the carpet industry.

Stain removal from carpets can be a difficult process. It is not made any easier by homeowners trying everything under the kitchen sink on the stain, before calling a professional carpet cleaner.

We first determine what type of carpet you have, wool or synthetic – is the stain fresh or has it been there for months – what has already been used to try and remove the stain ? Once we have this information then we can attempt to remove the stain. Some stains will set permanently with hot water and will never come out, some will only respond to heat treatments and some stains will need several attempts to make even a small difference to their appearance.

So before you reach for that bottle of cleaner under the sink to get rid of your coffee or red wine stain, consider the above paragraph and how difficult it can be to remove stains. At Carpet Care Plus, we know from experience that we have a much greater chance of totally removing a stain, if the homeowner has left it alone and called us first. So for carpet cleaning in Tadworth, what are you waiting for? Book your slot today.

Our clients are always amazed at how clean we leave their carpets. Even marks that have been there for years magically disappear when you employ us to clean your upholstery, rugs, leather furniture, hard floors and carpets.

However, sometimes we have to be realistic. That 5 year old stain on the landing that your dog surprised you with when it was a puppy is unlikely to come out after this length of time. By having the whole area of the carpet cleaned though, it may lighten down and be a little easier to live with.

If you really can’t stand looking at that stain any longer then we can supply and install a new carpet for you – just another one of our services that we offer our clients in Tadworth.

If you require urgent carpet cleaning in Tadworth call 07768 648863

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