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Carpet Cleaning in Walton on Thames

Carpet cleaning in Walton on Thames

Carpet Care Plus are Surrey’s premier provider of upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning in Walton on Thames. We have many satisfied clients in Adelaide Road, Ashley Park and Stoke Road, to name but a few.

Upholstery cleaning is specialist work and few carpet cleaning companies offer this service. Fabrics are delicate and some are water sensitive and prone to colour bleeding. At Carpet Care Plus we are fully trained in all aspects of upholstery cleaning, including fibre identification, bleed testing and shrinkage testing.

When we are sure it is safe to proceed with wet cleaning all the preparation work is carried out by hand using towels, soft Tampico brushes and hand mitts. Only then do we rinse the upholstery using our powerful extraction machines, leaving your fabrics smelling fresh and beautifully clean.

Drying times for upholstery cleaning are longer than carpet cleaning and can typically take between 2 and 6 hours to be fully dry, depending on the fabric. We do, however, offer a turbo drying service which will improve these drying times significantly.

Our carpet cleaning in Walton on Thames is certainly comprehensive, we never cut corners. Our reputation has been built on excellent customer service, attention to detail and fantastic cleaning results.

Regular carpet cleaning in Walton on Thames is essential for extending the life of your carpet and maintaining its appearance. Dust mites, dead skin cells, grit and hair lie at the base of the pile in your carpet, out of reach of your vacuum cleaner. Our thorough cleaning process removes all of these impurities and leaves your carpets like new.

With 30 years’ experience in the carpet industry we have the knowledge to deal with all your carpet cleaning enquiries and problems. On-going investment in training and equipment allows us to offer a range of other services, including cleaning and maintaining leather furniture, area rugs and hard floors.

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