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Benefits Of Choosing Laminate Flooring


Laminate flooring is one of the most durable types of flooring available to the homeowner.

One of the main features is that unlike other types of solid floors such as vinyl, ceramic, stone etc; it is not permanently fixed to your floor. Instead it is laid as a floating floor, the planks are fixed to each other by means of a tongue and groove joint and then a gap is left around the perimeter of the room. This acts as an expansion gap in case the floor expands due to heat.

How To Avoid Scams


There are thousands of highly professional and totally honest carpet cleaning companies in the UK. Unfortunately, as with other trades, there are some unscrupulous operators.

Extending The Life Of Your Carpet


Carpets are an expensive purchase, so ongoing maintenance is vital in order to extend its life.

An effective barrier mat should be a priority in any home. Grit, silt and salt, together with acidic soils are walked onto your home everyday. However, all too often there is just a small mat inside the door. Ideally you should install a heavy duty coir mat, at least four feet long, in order to wipe the worst off of your feet before you walk onto the carpet.

Chewing Gum Removal


At some time or another you will be faced with gum on the carpet. Your first thought may be to phone a carpet cleaner, however gum removal is easier than you think.

The method of removal will depend on whether the gum on the carpet is a recent addition or a longstanding dried residue.

If the gum is still fresh on the carpet, then it needs to be frozen solid. Simply place a small bag full of ice cubes on top of the gum for around 15 minutes until it hardens and then scrape it off with a sharp blade, taking care not to remove too much of the carpet in the process. (more…)

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

commercialCarpets fitted in commercial premises take far more daily wear than domestic installations, as such, regular cleaning is vital to maintain their appearance.

Due to the different types of carpets used in commercial properties there are a variety of cleaning methods that can be employed by the professional operator. (more…)

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