Commercial Carpet Cleaning

commercialCarpets fitted in commercial premises take far more daily wear than domestic installations, as such, regular cleaning is vital to maintain their appearance.

Due to the different types of carpets used in commercial properties there are a variety of cleaning methods that can be employed by the professional operator.

This method involves using a rotating brush machine that applies a foamy shampoo to the carpets surface and scrubs it in at the same time. This soapy residue attracts the loose soils in the pile and then crystallises as it dries. This dry residue is then simply vacuumed up together with the soils that it has attracted. This method does not provide a deep clean but is good for periodic maintenance and is visually pleasing.

Low Moisture
This system uses no water, instead tiny sponges are sprinkled over the carpet and brushed into the pile. These sponges contain a mixture of water, detergent and solvents. The sponges absorb a certain amount of soils and are then vacuumed up. This is usually a fast cleaning process and can be carried out during normal hours, which makes it an attractive option for the office manager, however it is only designed as a maintenance clean.

Bonnet Cleaning
This method is based on a pad or bonnet, soaked in cleaning solution and attached to a rotary machine. The carpet is also sprayed and the pad is then mechanical agitated across the pile of the carpet, absorbing soils in the process. Many pads will be used as they become dirty. This system can also be described as low moisture and pre-vacuuming is an important part of the process.

Hot Water Extraction
Often referred to as steam cleaning, this system is the only one that can guarantee deep cleaning of the carpet. It is also the only system that is recommended by the majority of carpet manufacturers for commercial carpet installations. A cleaning solution is sprayed onto the carpet and brushed into the pile using a contra-rotating brush machine. The cleaning solution is then rinsed and extracted through the extraction machine using water injected at high pressure and sucked up with powerful vacuums. The carpet will be left dry to the touch but can take 2-3 hours to be completely dry.

Your cleaning professional can advise on the best cleaning system to use, based on the type of carpet, when the work can be completed and how dirty your carpets are.

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