Extending The Life Of Your Carpet


Carpets are an expensive purchase, so ongoing maintenance is vital in order to extend its life.

An effective barrier mat should be a priority in any home. Grit, silt and salt, together with acidic soils are walked onto your home everyday. However, all too often there is just a small mat inside the door. Ideally you should install a heavy duty coir mat, at least four feet long, in order to wipe the worst off of your feet before you walk onto the carpet.

Some homeowners have a “no shoes indoors” policy, which is fine in theory but in practice can be present more problems. Changing into house slippers is ok, walking around in your socks is not. Sock dye can transfer onto the carpet and fibres from your socks can wrap themselves around the tufts of your carpet. Over time these fibres can be difficult to remove.

The grit that sits deep in the pile of your carpet acts like sandpaper, wearing away at the fibres of the carpet. Regular vacuuming is important to remove as much of this as possible, make sure that you change the bags and filters in your vacuum cleaner as required.

If you drop food or drips from your drink fall on the carpet, wipe them immediately. If left, the mark will dry to a sticky residue and attract airborne soils. Always blot the mark or stain, never rub it.

If you have area rugs, periodically turn the rug over and vacuum the back of it. You will be amazed what you will remove.

Finally, annual deep cleaning of the carpet by a professional carpet cleaning company, will remove all the contaminants that normal vacuuming cannot.

Regular maintenance of your carpet makes sense, after all, would you not clean your kitchen floor for a month?

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