Removing Blood Stains

bloodAt some point you will be faced with a blood stain on your carpet. The important thing to remember is that blood is a protein and as such is sensitive to heat. NEVER use hot water in your attempt to remove the stain as you will set it permanently.

You should take blood stain removal very seriously and always wear gloves or you risk contamination from blood-borne pathogens.As blood is a protein you should be using an enzyme-based cleaning solution to break it down. These are readily available off the shelf but make sure you read and correctly follow the instructions.

Firstly blot up any residue using kitchen paper or an absorbent towel. Always blot from the outside inwards, never rub the stain as you will spread it and risk damaging the pile of your carpet. The next step is to spray the remaining stain with cold water (never hot) and then continue blotting. This step can be repeated until no more transfer is seen on the towel.

At this stage you would use the enzyme-based spotter. Apply it sparingly and allow a sufficient dwell time in order for the product to work. Then spray again with cold water to flush and towel dry, remember blot the stain

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