The Correct Way To Vacuum

vacuumRegular vacuuming is an essential method of maintenance for your carpet. But how many people vacuum correctly ?

This may sound like a daft question, after all, how difficult is it to push a vacuum cleaner around ?

Firstly, we recommend that your cleaner has HEPA filters fitted, this prevents dirt being re-circulated into the air. Also, a rotating beater bar type of cleaner will loosen soil ready to be sucked up. If you are using a cleaner that uses bags, make sure these are changed when they are three quarters full.

Vacuum the heavy wear areas at least twice a week, for example, the stairs, entrance hall and living room areas, such as in front of sofas or near doors that lead to the garden.

Most cleaners work most efficiently as you pull them back towards you, so make the back stroke slower than the forward stroke.

Clean in a north-south direction and then go back over the same area in an east- west direction.


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