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Carpet Stain Protection

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Carpet Care Plus have years of experience applying carpet stain protection. Our professional service is used regularly by residents of Surrey. The term we use is, “Don’t close the door after the horse has bolted”. This is an apt saying in the stain protection world. Why risk damage to expensive materials when protection is at hand?

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  1. Carpet Stain Protection
  2. Fabric Stain Protection

We recommend the use of Scotchgard, the solution manufactured by 3M.

Scotchgard provides an invisible barrier that acts against soils and stains, as well as reducing the re-soiling process. It allows more time to mop up a spill before it penetrates into the pile or fabric. Our protected materials can be cleaned by blotting away the affected area with an absorbent cloth or tissue. Unprotected carpets and fabrics have no natural barrier against harmful soils and stains. Think of our service as an insurance policy, one that protects your expensive textiles and fabrics. The protector is sprayed onto the carpet and raked in, to ensure that it soaks into the length of the tufts and not just the tips.

The optimum time to use our carpet stain protection service is when your carpet has just been cleaned or when a new carpet has been fitted, sods law states that new expensive carpets are more likely to be stained than old ones. After fitting a new carpet we are often called upon to apply the Scotchgard solution.

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