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Carpet Stain Removal

Carpet Stain Removal The Process

At Carpet Care Plus, we regularly receive enquiries asking for carpet stain removal services. Unfortunately in many instances the client only calls us after they have attempted to deal with the stain themselves, using an “under the kitchen sink” product!

Invariably this causes more damage and in certain circumstances can set the stain permanently.

Carpet stain removal should only be carried out by trained and experienced technicians, who understand the chemistry involved in dealing with the many varied types of water-based or oil-based stains.

In many instances, the technician will not be dealing with a stain at all, but rather a dye contained within the product that was spilt.

Take coffee for example – a common spillage in homes. Coffee contains a natural tanning agent which can permanently dye the carpet if not dealt with correctly. Red wine is another example. In these cases, we will be attempting to “reduce” the appearance of the stain, rather than “remove” it.

Please don’t pour white wine on a red wine stain – it’s just a waste of white wine! Far better to make up a solution of water and white vinegar.

If you must attempt carpet stain removal, use cold water sparingly and always blot the stain from the outside in – and never scrub it – you will spread the stain and distort the pile.

Carpet Care Plus are experts at carpet stain removal and regularly deal with accidents caused by kids, pets and even husbands!

We regularly deal with pet urine stains, make up, blood, vomit, oil and shoe polish. All these stains require different removal techniques and in some cases more than one application. All the more reason not to attempt diy carpet stain removal.

For your reference, permanent hair dye split on a carpet is just that, a permanent dye! The chances of removing it are slim, although we may be able to lighten it.

Your carpet is an expensive purchase, consider calling a professional before you reach for that bottle of stain remover from the kitchen cupboard – if they were effective at dealing with carpet stain removal we would be using them ourselves, instead of the 20 or so specialist products that we carry for all eventualities.

Some of these well know brands of cleaner actually bleach the colour out of your carpet and leave a sticky residue that attracts the dirt quicker. Remember, it is easy to spray a product onto your carpet but much harder to remove it. A professional carpet cleaning specialist has all the tools at his disposal, including powerful extraction equipment to flush out all the residue of the original stain and the subsequent treatments.

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