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Leather Furniture Treatment

Exquisite Leather Furniture Treatment

Carpet Care Plus are experts in cleaning leather furniture. As LTT trained technicians, we offer a professional and comprehensive service.

Oils from skin and hair can build up and eventually break down the protective barrier on the surface of leather. Worse still is the DIY use of baby wipes or washing up liquid. Leather furniture is not bullet-proof and therefore needs regular maintenance to prevent the detrimental effects of modern day living.

The foaming products used by our company in cleaning leather furniture are completely safe and designed to remove marks, leaving expensive furniture looking as good as new. Following the cleaning process, we apply a protection cream to condition the surface of the leather to help resist spills in the future.

    Your furniture will generally be one of two main types of leather:

  1. Pigmented, which has a lacquered finish
  2. Analine, which is unfinished.

Pigmented is the easiest to clean and gives the best results, as essentially we are cleaning the lacquer, much like cleaning the finish on a car.

Analine is harder to clean because it has no protective finish, however, with the advent of new improved cleaning solutions, the cleaning results for this type of leather are better than ever.

In addition to cleaning leather furniture, we also offer a restoration service. We identify the type of leather and assess the work required. Preparation is the key to achieving the best results. We can restore the original colour of your leather or even dye it a completely new colour!

    Carpet Care Plus also provide a professional leather cleaning service to:

  1. Pubs
  2. Hotels
  3. Restaurants
  4. Leisure Centres
  5. Health Spas
  6. Commercial Offices
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