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Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning By The Experts

Many homes now have wooden or tiled floors, in this instance rugs form an integral part of interior furnishings.

Today there’s a huge choice of rugs on the open market. At Carpet Care Plus we have the ability to clean them all, from hall runners that take all the wear and tear to expensive handmade rugs that form the centre piece of a reception room. Our rug cleaning service in Surrey offers true professionalism and unbeatable value.

As experts in the rug cleaning industry we are trained to identify and recommend the best methods of cleaning. From a Turkish Kilim to a Chinese Superwashed Silk we provide professional rug care combined with peace of mind that we are fully insured to deal with valuable possessions.

Our Surrey based rug cleaning operation operates in the following manner:

Firstly, we remove all of the dry soil that is trapped deep in the pile of a rug. We turn the rug over and vacuum the back using a beater bar machine. This is known as back dusting. Our clients are always amazed at the amount of dry soil that is released by this process, soil that will not be removed by regular vacuuming.

After pre-spraying our eco-friendly solution and agitating it into the pile, we then rinse out all the remaining broken down soils and stains. Our cleaning solutions leave no sticky residues, so rapid re-soiling is avoided. We then re-set the pile by hand.

As industry experts, we appreciate that not all rugs can be cleaned on site. In fact certain types of rugs have to be “washed” particularly if they are woven or have loose dyes. In these cases we offer an “off-site” service. We take rugs to our premises where they are back dusted, shampooed and submerged in our wash pit then thoroughly rinsed. The rug will then go through the drying process using our powerful turbo dryers. We then return all rugs in pristine condition.

This is the preferred method of cleaning – don’t worry, even hotels send their rugs away to be washed.

All our clients trust our Surrey based rug cleaning service, this is based on our reputation and experience in dealing with all types of rugs, whether they are mass produced items from high street stores or handmade Middle Eastern or Oriental pieces with sentimental value.

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